An Unclaimed Scholarship to Die For

Unclaimed Scholarship
An Unclaimed Scholarship to Die For

The unclaimed scholarships sponsored from the ABFSE are to die for; because they are sponsored by American Board of Funeral Service Education.

Yes; I had to mention it that way because they are pretty good educational scholarships which may be classified in the unclaimed scholarships category.

The competition for them will be small compared to larger well known scholarship programs such as the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships; which doles out close to 200 scholarships every year and has tens of thousands applicants applying to them.

The ABFSE will not get that many applicants at all; for reasons you clearly can understand why. There is not too many students who would even consider going into this profession, so for those who are – you got to apply to these educational awards quickly – if you haven’t already.

About the  ABFSE  and their unclaimed scholarships

The ABFSE as described by their own words, “serves as the national academic accreditation agency for college and university programs in Funeral Service and Mortuary Science Education”. They go back as far as 1940, but became official in 1962.

*Both the US Department of Education & the Council on Higher Education Accreditation recognize the ABFSE as the only accredited agency for academic programs that prepare funeral service professionals.

There membership is comprised of 58 accredited institutions, the National Funeral Directors Association, National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association, International Cemetery; Cremation and Funeral Association and many Funeral Service Institutions.

The ABFSE is an outstanding resource center for students wanting to get into Funeral service. They can guide you through the steps necessary to get started in this industry.

ABFSE Funeral scholarships

The unclaimed scholarships by ABFSE range from $500 to $2,500. Students can apply every year from March 1st to September 1st online making these programs easy scholarships to apply to. You simply go to there website and apply through their scholarship application form.

*Applying online is the best way to apply when it comes to educational awards because applying to these scholarships are fast and easy!

In order to apply, students must have already completed one or more terms of funeral service study; or mortuary science education. This will rule out many students,but this is done to weed out those who aren’t serious about this type of business and will be applying to just get the money and then run in a different direction. After all, it’s not for everyone.

Students must also be US citizens.

Why go into the funeral business?

The Funeral business is good for those considering it. In fact; the national averages state that there are more jobs open then there are certified funeral directors to accept them.

Normally people go into this type of business when they’ve been exposed to this work either through family; or other personal experience. It’s not exactly something you read about in a book and decide you’d like to go into it, like being a teacher or a lawyer.

Many Funeral directors spend most of their time working directly with families, rather then working on preparation of bodies. This may come as a surprise to many, but is true. Funeral service is a human service business.

Why the ABFSE scholarships are Unclaimed

This is why the ABFSE funeral scholarships may be a very good unclaimed scholarship, and one that very few will apply for. This fits one of our descriptions for unclaimed college scholarships – where the applicants are far and few between making these awards very attainable for the few that apply for them.

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