Getting Unclaimed Scholarships by doing What Dogs Do!

unclaimed scholarships

Unclaimed Scholarships from

Getting unclaimed scholarships in an unconventional way is what is all about. If you haven’t heard about, don’t feel like your out of touch, because we haven’t either.

We have just now learned about them and you will too; so read below.

Do what your dog would do and rack up the easy scholarships from!

Just keep in mind that after reading this article, you will quickly realize why a dog is a man’s best friend! is all about equal access to a higher education and they feel their way of doing it is more beneficial for most students. They try and do this by reinventing the educational roadways in the manner students normally go about connecting to billions given out yearly in grants & scholarships for college. believes that scholarships & grants should be given out starting in 9th grade right on through 12th grade along a students journey, rather then awarded at the tail end of high school – which would be 12th grade.

They reverse the standard time tables of when scholarships grants normally take place in a students high school career. They feel these awards are to be given out automatically as ‘micro-scholarships’ from 9th-12th grades.

By awarding along the way,’s feeling is that this approach will create more transparency and motivation for students, so they can realize a guaranteed amount of money to be used on their college tuition in the last year of high school.

This approach may be starting to take hold because over 100 higher education institutions are presently collaborating with them on this type of unconventional over time easier gathering scholarship program.

Also, approximately 22,000 students are registered users of; but don’t let that number discourage you from signing up yourself because the amount of registered users has little effect on how awards are placed.


How to get Scholarships


Unclaimed scholarships are automatically given to registered students for their achievements right through grades 9-12 who perform well in high school. This will give students an incentive to keep on doing well in school by realizing immediate fulfillment for their good deeds – so to speak.

This is similar and almost identical to the Pavlov’s dog experiment – Pavlov rang a bell and gave the dog food. Then after a few bell ringing repetitions, the dog’s started to salivate in response to the bell.

In the same vein students should start to salivate once they win their first award and will continue to want to keep on doing more good achievements to garnish even more awards throughout their high school careers.

Well; you get the point I’m sure. I’m not saying that students are in any ways dogs, but Pavlov makes a very good point on how animals as well as human beings tend to think; which is you can can influence both their behaviors in WHICH behavior you reward.

Reward bad behavior and you get more of it. Positively reward good behavior and you will get more of that too.

This is exactly what does, and it’s working!

Students can get started for free by going to the website and creating an account. Once their, students will see the listing of all participating colleges who in turn post their goals and assignments which students can win.

A student will then enter into the system all of their accomplishments and they will start to see what their unclaimed scholarships & grants will be in terms of their earnings.

When a student is ready to attend college they can at that time redeem all of their micro-earnings they accumulated over the years.

Easy scholarships range in the amount from $250 to $1000 depending on the specific task accomplished. has produced a product that is definitely worth taking a look at by all students entering into 9th grades, and even ones already in 12th grade – it’s never to late to try!

Read more at scholarships.

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