Unclaimed Easy Scholarships from Elks National Foundation

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Elks Club Scholarships

There is a gorilla of unclaimed easy scholarships from the Elks National Foundation sitting right under the nose’s of most students in high school; and they don’t even bother to apply to them.

That’s right!

This mammoth scholarship fund doles out 500 (4) year scholarships each and every year to students who apply and win.

It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

One never thought that the Elks club was so financially equipped to pass out 500 large scholarship awards annually, but they are because they are doing it every year!


Our first rule when it comes to seeking out scholarships for college is to always apply to those scholarships which have the largest number of awards handed out each year.

Bingo – you just found it!

Hello folks!

Can you say Elks Club National Foundation?

Any student reading this right now should drop everything and make sure they apply to this award as soon as they can!


It’s because you will have a better than normal odds of winning one because there are 500 awards given out – that’s why. The law of averages, and especially the odds are in your favor of winning when there are so many easy scholarships given.

If you aren’t familiar with the Elks, then work very hard at reading up on them and their unclaimed scholarships.

These are 500 4 year potentially easy scholarships given out.

That’s right, I said 4 years paid scholarships – 500 of them!

Can you say Gargantuan College Scholarships?

If you can’t; then say Elks National Foundation – same thing.

The Elks Awards are Paradoxical Unclaimed Scholarships

Most students may not bother applying simply because they think that you must be a member of the Elks club to apply, which you don’t have to be. This is natural to think this way too and is perplexing too. You would think that an award so large in numbers would be posted on all high school scholarship boards.

Let’s take a closer look at this monstrous scholarship program which is so colossal in its scope, yet fly’s totally under the radar with almost all high school students.

Elks National Foundation Unclaimed Easy Scholarships Explained

  • All high school seniors with US citizenship can apply.
  • Applicants must know someone who is a member of the Elks; but need not be related.
  • College students cannot apply.
  • Female and Male students will compete separately.
  • December 5th is application deadline and September 1st is when applicants can download application online.must be submitted to Elks Lodge most closest to applicants home.
  • Elks easy scholarships are to be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.
  • Applicants advance through local, district & state competitions to be able to compete on the national level.
  • A 500 word essay will be submitted.
  • There are other requirements of the Elks National Foundation Scholarships too, which can be viewed on the Elks website.

If you are a senior in high school work on applying to the Elks scholarship program and their wonderful batch of potentially easy scholarships.

You may find that is well worth the effort.

Read more on the Elks Club Scholarships.

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