Unclaimed College Scholarships

Unclaimed monies for college

 If your a student, do you worry about how you might pay for your college expenses? 

Do you have to work and attend school to make ends meet? 

Each year, thousands of dollars in unclaimed scholarship money never reach the people that it was set aside for. Students throughout the nation often assume that there is no grant or scholarship money available to them, but in this case, they are wrong. Often there are many scholarships that are either hard to find or off the beaten path which students either cannot find in a normal scholarship search or simply never thought could exist.

Yes! Did you know there is a Burger King, McDonalds and a Tylenol scholarship?

You too can get free scholarship money for having less than popular interests or family roots that are unique and different.

Unclaimed scholarships arethe college scholarships that are unusual, weird, strange and sometimes wacky! This money is more often than not never found and thus unclaimed scholarship money is left over every year while students everywhere continue to try and balance school and work in order to finance their educational career.

Did you know that the act of being born entitles you for many of the unclaimed scholarship money each year?

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