College Spring Break like a Wacky Scholarship

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A college spring break is like wacky scholarships. You never know how bizzare they will be until you accept them and go. Then, when you participate on a college spring trip and the wacky college scholarship; they tend to broaden your educational horizons and make you a more interesting college student. The college spring break vacation tends to give you only good memories; while the wacky scholarship actually will pay some of your college cost and give you a higher education. Both are wacky; but only one will pay you to participate in a wacky college experience.

Any ideas on what you may be doing on spring break? 

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How each student decides what their college spring break vacation will be is more a personal matter. While you may see a lot of shows showing college students jetting off for fun and parties on the beach, most actually prefer to do something else. Some can’t afford the cost of taking a trip let alone pay their tutition. I always went home to see my family. I could barely pay my way through college.

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College spring break come near Eastertime. College is hard, especially the first year and living on your own the first few years is hard as well. By the time college spring break comes, most students welcome the idea of a spring break trip. After just completing testing for all their classes, some students tend to go nuts and enjoy the party life to blow off steam. While others have different ideas of what it means to relax. Those going off to the beach are a travel agents dream, but as a parent, you may not be able to pay for college spring break vacations.

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Though I always went home to hang out with my family and friends during college spring break, I realize that some simply don’t want to do that. You don’t have to go to the beach to have a good time, especially if that is not something you would normally do anyway. You could go almost anywhere. Some of my friends would organize road trips and just travel in a general direction for college spring break. They would stop where they thought something looked interesting, and stayed wherever they ended up at the end of the day. For me, I would rather do that then go to the beach any day.

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When I started to get serious about my studies I would skip college spring break fun all together and do more studying. You can do this, but it may not be such a good idea. Your brains need a chance to recharge. You may actually get more out of your studies if you take some time away from them, even if it’s only a few days of your college spring break.  You can burn out slowly without realizing it in college with all the testing.

My Sring Break Vacation Suggestion
Recharge your batteries from your unusual wacky scholarship and take a not so wacky college spring break and do nothing. Take it slow and easy. You’ll thank yourself.

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