Scholarships for Stupid People

Stupid People Scholarships

Nobody’s really stupid but many students feel they are so we are going to give those who searched for scholarships for stupid people some options. While perhaps a harsh way to phrase it, stupid people scholarships do exist in a number of different forms so to speak. In other words we will describe these as scholarships for people who think they are not smart; or for those students who have no real interest in academia. This type of award is going to often show up as merit based scholarships – not built around academic abilities but around specific skill sets or abilities outside of educational pursuits. It is important for below average learners to realize that, while they may not have all the academic skills they need to perform extremely well in school, skill based merit scholarships will help them afford a college education. Just because students did not perform well in their secondary school does not necessarily mean they will continue on to do poorly in college. Many students find it difficult to concentrate on the somewhat limited curriculum offered at high schools and, upon entering college then finding a major which suits their interests, begin performing much better as get into a university.

Unfortunately getting into college and getting access to scholarships can be difficult for a student who did not perform so well in high school. Scholarships for stupid people exist to bridge that gap, getting underachieving high school students the funding they need to try their hand at college and see where their future may take them.
There is the age old argument that scholarships for dumb students come in the form of athletic scholarships. Of course this is more myth than anything else as athletes are not simply unable to perform well in school but rather often times excel in their education. Many athletic scholarships set academic achievement requirements at a fairly high level, often requiring students to have well above a 2.5 grade point average to get an award. However not every athlete has studied hard and done well in school and there are some programs available for them.

The SAMMY Milk Mustache of the Year scholarship for stupid people exists to help students in just such a situation. Several yearly winners of the SAMMY award will receive a $7,500 scholarship to the school of their choice. All applicants must be nominated for the award, be a student in high school who participated in school sports and be graduating as seniors the year they apply. The deadline for this program is March 4.

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is a scholarship for stupid students which anybody with a bit of experience making duck calls should consider entering. Every year four different winners of the competition will win different amounts of scholarship money. First placers are awarded $2,000, second placers get $1,000, those coming in third will receive $750 and applicants who come in fourth receive $500. In order to be eligible for the event students will need to be graduating high school seniors who are able to travel to Stuttgart, Arkansas’ chamber of commerce to compete. Competition begins every year in late November – students should watch the website for updated information.

AXA Achievement scholarship for stupid people which gives out 52 $10,000 awards every year. On top of the 52 awards given out, the pool of winners is entered into a second contest from which 10 different people will be selected to win an additional $15,000 in scholarship aid. This stupid people scholarship makes things easy in the eligibility department allowing anybody with ambition, self determination, self respect and an ability to succeed in college to apply for the award. The program does not look only at academic success in determining to whom awards shall go but rather determines the winners by their service to the community or projects they have undertaken to help others. This scholarship for stupid people is a great way to help find funding for college, especially if they applicant has a strong history of leading community oriented projects. While the 2011 deadline has come and gone, the 2012 competition will be announced in fall of 2011, so stay tuned.

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